Elect Simone Boutet Oak Park Trustee

Let’s Work Together to Solve Problems with Common-Sense, Compassion and Integrity.


Simone @ a Glance


I have spent my career in municipal government, and in doing so, have earned a reputation for fairness, common-sense and hard work.

My greatest accomplishment as Trustee was the adoption of the Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance, which requires developers of market rate housing to fund affordable housing initiatives, and my work to control annual tax levy increases to keep Oak Park affordable.

Why Simone?
Why Now?

I believe that society is ready to move beyond calling out problems, and that people are looking for solutions.

I am committed to using my knowledge to solve problems effectively, with common-sense, collaboration, and civility - values I hold dear.

Activism plays a valuable role in society. But policy making starts with the understanding that government is complex, and that unintended consequences need to be considered and avoided.

These are the values I will bring to the table – a desire to be available and responsive to the community, an interest in listening with curiosity and an open mind, and a motivation to address our biggest challenges.

My goal is to do the most amount of good so that the Village works for everyone.

Simone's Priorities

Work to end violence and property crime

Public safety is the core function of local government. With violent crime and auto thefts at an all time high, I will invest in multiple strategies to keep Oak Park safe, including hiring and training more officers, working collaboratively with neighboring communities, and offloading non-essential calls for service to civilian employees.

Build trust and accountability in the Police Department

Many residents will vouch for the excellence of our police department. But not everyone trusts the police. I will invest in initiatives that build that trust through increased accountability and relationship building.

Limit Property Tax Increases

The Village's 2023 budget increased spending by $3.7 million dollars. This will hit tax payers in future years unless we make careful decisions to limit spending to the most impactful programs and to increase other sources of revenue.

Tackle Climate Change

Climate change is an urgent issue that demands immediate attention. But the Village’s Climate Action Plan is aspirational, with a $1 billion price tag. I will focus our sustainability dollars on programs with the highest impact at the lowest cost.

Fair and Affordable Housing

In order to remain diverse and to address an aging population, Oak Park needs to continue to develop housing alternatives for our seniors and low income residents.

"I believe that good leaders bring out the best in others, that good government must involve all of us, and that shared power is essential to democracy."
Simone Boutet
for Oak Park Trustee

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